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Astrophisical theory comicbook / Teoría del Universo en cómic

 Astrophisical research comicbook by E.V.Pita, phD in Social Communication (2013-2017) Manual de teoría astrofísica en cómic por E.V.Pita, doctor en Comunicación social (2013-2017) Introdution This is a collection of draws by E.V.Pita about some new theories of Universe, gravity and … Continue reading

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United States paintings and drawings: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota / Viaje por Estados Unidos: pinturas y dibujos

United States paintings: 21 days on the road   Drawing the travelling experience  by E.V.Pita (2001) Ten years later,  E.V.Pita remember through paintings and illustrations (faithfully following the notes and sketches of his travel diary), the route around the USA in a month in the summer of 2001. A journey from coast to coast and from … Continue reading

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